AT the ECO bakery we make all of our own breads, desserts, meat and fruit pies which are available to purchase and take home from the café. The meat and fruit pies are excellent to pull out of the freezer to bake up for fast, easy and delicious dinners. You can find our Elk Pies at the Calgary Farmer's Market as shown in the December issue of Avenue Calgary Magazine where our golden baked Elk Pie is featured. Look forward to finding our pies in other locations in the near future.

ECO Pies

Fruit Pies - Apple Crumble, Pecan, Peach Mango, Strawberry Rhubarb and Planet and Saskatoon
Meat Pies - Chicken, Tortiere, Elk and ECO's infamous Game Pie (Elk, Duck and Pork).
Meat Pies are available in 8" Pie
All Meat Pies are ready for you to bake fresh in your oven.
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