Established in 1997 The ECOcafé continues to build a solid reputation for innovation, quality, and leadership. Believing in "Food as a Community" - which means consuming and producing healthy naturally raised foods and supporting our rural community sustainability through our supply chain of Independent local farmers who share our vision about the environment and the philosophy of eating healthy safe foods. ECO believes in preparing natural fare to bring a wholesome & unique meal to your table.

Through the years ECOcafé has enjoyed widespread media attention across Canada and won various awards. The ECOcafé has worked with University students participating in mentorship's and internships, as well as school lunch programs, cooking classes, complimentary yoga classes, speaking engagements, volunteer programs, fundraising and a host of other programs, directly and indirectly.

When dining at the ECOcafe' enjoy organic wines, beers and beverages. As well, we make all of our own breads, desserts, meat and fruit pies which are available to purchase and take home from the café.